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BeyBattle Burst

The original Takara Tomy BeyBlade in MENA

BeyBattle Burst is the original Takara Tomy BeyBlade in the MENA region, while it is known as BeyBlade Burst in Western and Asian countries. The brand name change was brought in by Takara Tomy and ADK due to legal reasons and applies to both the animation and the toy merchandise in the region. The brand is managed by Toy Pro DMCC while the animation is aired in Arabic on Spacetoon TV


“BeyBattle Burst is the official Takara Tomy BeyBlade in UAE, Saudi Arabia and other GCC,  Middle East and North African countries”


Why is it important to buy original BeyBattle Burst Blades?

You might find a lot of duplicated tops looking similar to the original in the market selling for a cheaper price. These tops do not follow the safety standards and possess high risk for kids. And for this reason duplicate blades will not be allowed in any official tournaments or online contests.


How to identify original and duplicates?

Both fake and original blades look similar in many ways but it is easy to differentiate. Follow these simple steps

  • Package Check – In all the packaging of the original products, you will find the below three logos
    • Check for Takara Tomy logo
    • Check for Spacetoon logo 
    • Check for ToyPro logo
  • Blade Check – In all the original blade tips you will find the below
    • © TOMY 
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