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BeyBattle Burst Surge

BeyBattle: Unleash the Spin, Welcome the New Season!

Welcome, Bladers, to the sparkling arena of BeyBattle! As the dust settles from the previous season’s epic clashes, it’s time to rev up your launchers and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure like never before. The battlegrounds are calling, the Beyblades are humming, and a new season awaits us with boundless excitement.

Unveiling the New BeyBlades:

Step into the world of BeyBattle and discover the latest arsenal of Beyblades poised to dominate the stadium. From sleek designs to cutting-edge technology, each Beyblade is crafted for ultimate performance and strategic prowess. Join us as we unveil the lineup, discuss their unique features, and speculate on how they’ll shape future battles.

Meet the Bladers:

Every BeyBattle season brings a new wave of talented Bladers, each with their own style, strategy, and signature moves. Get to know the contenders vying for glory in the upcoming tournaments. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, these Bladers are ready to unleash their skills and leave their mark on the Beyblade world.


BRAVE VALTRYEK 2A: Brave Sword – The high-friction rubber blades on the ring and chassis knock the opponent away, while the sharp tip of the sword delivers the finishing blow!

GLIDEE ROKTAVOR 1S: Glide Tornado – Three stamina wings open and close while spinning to create powerful centrifugal force that keeps the spin going for a long time!

MIRAGE FAFNIR.NT 2S: Mirage Claw – The all-around rubber ring superbly absorbs attacks from right-spin Beyblades. When the direction changes, it enters left-spin counter mode!

With BeyBattle Burst Surge, you are welcome to any challenge and you can live the fun, adventure, and enjoyment of moments.

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