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Step 1

Capture in video your coolest video with your buddy. (To participate your age should be between 6-12 and your buddy can be your sibling, parent, friend or a family member.)

Step 2

Upload the video in your YouTube channel with your parent’s permission. Don’t forget to include #Beyshoot2021 & #(Countryname)

Step 3

Log into and register your details along with the uploaded Video URL

©Hiro Morita, BBBProject, TV TOKYO   © TOMY

ME Champion announcement October: Oct 5th - 10th

Asian Championship Awards Ceremony: End of October

Important Rules:

  1. *Should entry in pairs, at least one of them should be a kid aged 6~12 (it can be 2 friends, 2 brothers, a kid & father etc.)
  2. One pair can apply only once with one video clip.
  3. It is compulsory for the kids to take their permission to post the videos on YouTube. They can post it in their own YouTube channel or on their parent’s channel.
  4. You should clearly showcase the blades, accessories and stadiums used in the video and only original Takara Tomy, Toy Pro blades and accessories will be accepted

Terms & Conditions:

    1. Toy Pro reserves all rights to disqualify or qualify participants, change the dates, use the content shared for this contest for commercial purposes
    2. Toy Pro can ask proofs such as national identity cards to verify the details submitted for registration
    3. The Asain Championship ceremony will be conducted by ADK and they reserve all rights to any announcements
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